Tamam Timetable Summer 2017

We would like to share the new timetable for the TAMAM Community Center with you. Thanks to our fantastic team on site and all the wonderful volunteers the summer will be full of learning, socialising and having fun. Please follow Tamam on Facebook to spread the word. Facebook/TAMAM

We are open to new ideas, visit us and enjoy our community!


English A.                                                                                                                                          This class is held by our wonderful Alexis. Typically, participants learn to carry out everyday transactions in English; improve their conversational English, and learn basic English grammar.  Learners are also offered support and encouragement to progress with their learning. Everyone is welcome!

English C.
In the English conversation class, you will be able to start and practice everything you learned in the English class with Alexis, and talk during the two hours, about all kinds of topics of interest

Learn English through music and the lyrics:
Following the new learning models where we try to interact and make the classes in a more dynamic way, in order that our students learn and have fun. We’ve introduced lyrics training. Pupils receive song exercise worksheets and will improve and practice their listening skills by filling in the gaps to the lyrics as they listen.

German:                                                                                                                                              We will keep on running our very popular German lessons. Many people are waiting for family reunion to one of the German speaking countries, Tamam is holding every day intensive beginner course.  In this class students will develop skills for communicating (speaking, reading, writing, and listening) in German.  They learn a number of speech acts (greetings, asking for information, expressing likes/dislikes, describing daily activities, etc.), study the cultures of the German-speaking countries, and are introduced to various grammatical structures (nominative and accusative case, modal verbs, etc.)

In Greek classes, writing, reading and above all conversation will be taught, helping them to better adapt and providing them with support in Social Integration, who are currently living in this host country where they wait until they know their future destination or for preparing them for a permanent stay.


In this class, children and adults, can learn mathematics and continue their studies with normality, this class will also be maintained during the summer and is done by a resident teacher in Arabic!

Art class:
On Fridays with Warda (RTI) and Mondays with Ella, different exercises of handcrafting and graphic expression will be carried out where women will have their space to be able to develop their most creative part through art.
Especially on Fridays we have women´s art group next to the children´s group so that women are free to attend classes:

Womens group:
Every Friday, we will create sessions in which the women themselves, can decide where they want each session to go. These groups we will begin with a tea party and without men.
At the same time RTIs kids´ art takes place where mothers can leave their children and enjoy the group.


Trips to the beach:
Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, our car will leave for the beach with people who wish to spend a pleasant day at the sea. These activities will be carried out by the swiss organization Be A Robin until Mid August. They are connecting to Sindos´ residents and according to the families planning the destination and time. Contact Meret and Deborah

Sewing room:
Our center is tailoring indefinitely with sewing machines, fabrics and different materials, so that people who want to, can create and change their own clothes and learn from each other. This activity has no time limitation but please check our general opening times !