a letter to my friends

Dear Friends,

I come back heavy hearted but also strong hearted from the Karamanlis camp in Sindos, Greece.


Heavy-hearted for I have heard so many stories of escape from Syria, Irak, Turkey, stories of arrest and murder, long journeys with small children, on foot, on boat, to try and reach safety. I have met orphans, widows, mothers and fathers at loss for not being able to provide for their families.

Each person’s story is unique.

We must not turn away from these stories but listen to and welcome our fellow humans, and give them compassion and safety after such experiences.

Three Peas houses and supports these most vulnerable families. So far 33 guests now have a decent roof over their heads: Hot water, heating, a hob to cook on and privacy.

I also come back strong-hearted, and full of hope, for I have seen volunteers from Europe, America, Asia, Australia working together to help. I have witnessed the kindness and generosity of the Greek people. I know that so many of us, everywhere, care.

Soon some will celebrate the winter solstice, some will celebrate the one born in the manger, some the 8 flames burning, or the day of enlightenment.
Ultimately we are all celebrating the light growing again out of the darkness.

Together we can do it! Please give what you can afford.


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We will make sure that every single penny goes to helping refugees, people like you and me who find themselves in this life-threatening situation.