Family of 8

Life as a refugee is defined by uncertainty. For the most part, refugees are uncertain of their destination or if they will ever return home. Once they arrive at a place of refuge, such as a camp, they must establish a makeshift home, locate friends and family, receive food and water, and try to find out ways that will give them some idea of what is happening and how their lives could go back to normal. Unfortunately most refugees flee in order to escape human rights violations and violence, yet their vulnerable situation as refugees exposes them to additional human rights violations and violence. Children are no longer assured of receiving an adequate education and the living conditions in the camps are not ensuring safety and normalcy. Occasionally people in the camps have troubles receiving proper health care, nutrition and protection from harsh weather conditions.

Responding to the growing problems refugees are facing in camps in Greece, Three Peas is aiming to help as many as possible of these displaced people. With our assistance, refugee families receive shelter and support that allow them to have a decent life until they can take matters into their own hands.   

Recently, we managed, with the enormous help and guidance from Swisscrosshelp to bring another family to a safe and warm place to live. The Syrian family of eight, are all females and between 2 to 39 years, and they were in dire need of help. Tragically the father of the family died on the way to Greece. Two sons live in Germany as well as the husband of the eldest daughter. Since months, all of them are yearning for the moment to meet again and live together as a family. Until then, we, the Three Peas, are determined to provide protection, safety, care and assistance to these women and their children.

Refugees are real people with real stories and real problems and their plight should not be ignored. We ask you to stand in solidarity with us and help us to fulfil this task. Only with your understanding and endorsement, Three Peas and other similar organizations can respond in an efficient and ethical way to their needs.

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