We have very good news to share with you today. Remember, we told you about Amira with her 5 daughters and 2 granddaughters we managed to house early December. The husband of her eldest daughter Rula as well as her  12 and 16 years old sons were already granted Asylum in Germany more than a year ago. Rula’s husband was allowed to visit them two weeks ago, after one and a half years being apart. During his visit, they received the message that she and her two girls were finally accepted for family reunification. 6 days ago they travelled to Germany and are now safe and sound with husband and father. Rula was over the moon to finally see her two brothers again too. We hope so much for the rest of the family to join them very soon.

This is a very common story, if someone is wondering  why so many young men are on their own in Germany or somewhere else in Europe.  The idea is usually to send the strongest on this very dangerous and expensive journey to then legally apply for family reunification. When information emerged that this is going to be very difficult, women and children were forced to do this journey on their own. Some where lucky and came through before the border to Macedonia was closed – many though were not! When we first visited the camp Idomeni back in May 2016 we were surprised to see so many women and children – this is one of the reasons.

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