Teaming up for TAMAM Community Centre!

Three Peas are delighted to be teaming up with Be a ROBIN so that the fabulous work of the TAMAM Sindos Community Centre can grow!

The centre was set up in December 2016 by as a place to meet for refugees housed in the Sindos area.
When left in Summer 2017, Three Peas took the plunge and took over. We have been running the centre since 1st July 2017.

As you know, the centre provides a relaxed space to meet in, exchange information and build a support network. This is a place where both children and adults can participate in workshops and take language lessons, attend doctor appointments or dental check-ups.

For us, this is an essential part of our housing project, necessary to all our guest families and other refugees living in this area, as well as locals. It is hence a place where refugees and locals can meet.

Last autumn Three Peas started working on emergency help projects in Lesbos, where the living conditions in the camps are so precarious. We decided to focus our work there, but didn’t want to close down TAMAM.

Be a ROBIN has been supporting TAMAN in the past with great creativity and passion and we were delighted to accept their offer to team up! Be a ROBIN is a small grassroots organisation, sharing many of our values. They are since 1st April running the centre, and relocating to a bigger site in Sindos. We will financially support them, and give them our women-power when we can!

Help us!
There are many ways you can help:
Of course, you can DONATE to
But you can also ORGANISE COLLECTIONS of donations (for example school material), organise FUNDRAISERS (cake sale, sport days… at school or at work) or offer your skills & time and VOLUNTEER!
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