Three Peas Art Auction

If you happen to walk by the river on a spring night…

Imagine walking up a candle-lit path and arriving in an artist studio.
On the walls an array of artwork and prints by artists from around the world, a warm atmosphere, friends and their friends, and their friends chatting and mingling…

It may be an auction in full swing, the wittiest auctioneer, the most generous bidders, their wallets as opened as their hearts. Imagine the smell of elderflowers cocktails and homemade canapés, served by a cluster of helpers willing to give their Friday night to make the guests welcomed.

Imagine Axel Scheffler, drawing dragons and monsters under your very eyes, Mr Fahrenheit, incognito, jeweller extraordinaire Jacqueline Mina OBE, all in that very room.

The auction is electrifying…when the bidding surpasses all expectation an impromptu dancer passes the scene, screams of delight echoes around the studio…Maybe a bidder would gift his just acquired item to be bid on again, the oh and ha-s of surprise and incredulity…

This isn’t a dream.


[wpvideo LziEmu85]


This all happened in that magic spot by the river, on Friday night…and us Three Peas are still pinching ourselves: so much generosity, good humour and fun.

Helpers , auctioneer, artists and our amazing guests, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
For helping us help those stranded in Greece, for proving that together we can, thank you.

A heartfelt thank you to the artists who so generously donated their work to help the work of Three Peas.

Salam Ahmad, Mahran Ali, Barroux, Sian Bailey, Caroline Burnett, Mr. Fahrenheit, Barbara Friedrichova, Frederike Helwig, Satoshi Kitamura, Neal Layton, Jacqueline Mina, Michael Minas, Thomas Mueller, Barbara Nascimbeni, Tiger Nicholson, Jem Panufnik, Moni Port, Chris Riddell, Axel Scheffler, Walter Schnabl, Mimi Whiteway, Bella Whiteway