Three Peas in Greece once again 8.4.-13.4. 2017

We couldn’t wait to go back and see everyone, so Vassia and I made a last minute trip to Thessaloniki just before Easter. It was such a nice feeling, like you are going to see your relatives or very good friends. I was full of excitement, to see everyone and to hear their news.

As usual there was lots of to do, but with our great helper Ahmad on the ground, all was made possible. It’s getting warmer in Greece so there is a need for summer clothes which that was on our agenda. Luckily we were offered asistence from the Help Refugees warehouse and they supported us with more than just summer clothes, so a big thank you to them!
We are very grateful to now have Dr Omar on our side, who’s always there to support our families if needed with regards to medical issues. He joined us visiting our families and assisted with some issues.
I was amazed what an improvement some of the refugess had made with their spoken English & Greek especially the lovely Nasren with who I managed to have a little chat with this time.

It was a great joy to finally meet our little baby Saif in person and to see that his start in life is safe and comfortable. Thanks to our support his whole family have been able to register in Athens, meaning they are moving slowly forward to settling in Greece and will again become more independent and in the charge of their lives.
Other great news is that we helped during our stay the lovely Ghalia and her three children with their legal requirements, it was clear it won’t be long and she plus the children will be able to join her husband in Austria. Their family will be reunited and complete once again.
Beside this we have already had some families which have left us to go to new destinations where hopefully they will find new peaceful homes and lives.
In such a short time we have been assisting these families such a unique bond has been created between all of us. This is felt throughout the Three Peas, the refugees, workers on the ground, it seems sad they are leaving us in someway. I find it very touching, their thank you messages full of love and gratitude. They are already missed dearly in the Community Centre in Sindos and by others too. However they have been on their journey for a long time, we will miss them all but are very happy for them to take this next step to finally resettling which we will continue to follow.
Thanks to the amazing Georgia from the Community Centre in Sindos and our great English teacher Athina, a group of refugee children are now in local Greek schools. The children are very happy, sending us very exciting messages about progress in their studies. This is extremely good news for us, as one of The Three Peas objectives is to seek and support education for refugees.
Speaking about the Community Centre in Sindos, we simply love this place. For many it is like an oasis in the desert. Anyone can come at anytime during the opening hours and get involved in many different activities. Right now there are number of language courses (Arabic, Greek, German and English), if music is your thing, you can learn to play guitar or have a little dance exercise. As we had been donated a number of sewing machines there is now a very active sewing club. Those attending can also cook together and eat together. I must say the food cooked by our ladies is delicious. We as a group do believe in the importance of motivating people in any activities that encourage participation and engagement; as it helps reduce an individuals sense of isolation and improves their well being.
This place plays a significant part in the current life of all refugees in the Sindos area, therefore the Three Peas are big supporters of this project as well as with the housing project. During the last months we have managed to fill this place with lots of useful resources. All this has been made possible by all who have donated, anything from pencils, books, toys to sewing machines and fabric and obviously the financial support has made big a difference.
Take action with us, because your support is what makes our work possible!

Thank you.

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Three Peas in Greece once again 8.4.-13.4. 2017